EU Quiz | Themed Quiz about Europe | 50 questions


The European Union and its predecessors already exist for over 60 years. But what actually is the EU, who and what are the determining figures and bodies and who even are its members? Do you think to know everything there is about the EU or would you like to learn more? Then play our EU quiz.

  • 50 questions
  • One-and-a-half hours of fun
  • One picture round
  • One audio round
  • Ready to play and available for instant download
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Why play our EU Quiz?

Our EU Quiz is a great opportunity to learn more about the EU and its institutions in a fun and competitive way. It allows you to show off your knowledge of EU trivia and have a great time with friends, colleagues, and family.

What do you get when you buy our EU Quiz?

The EU Quiz consists of 50 questions spread over 5 rounds. The first round is a picture round and the fourth round is a music round. The remaining three rounds consist of open questions. All questions are linked to the EU, its institutions, its member states and political figures.

In addition to the questions, you will get the answers and answer forms. All this will be available as pdf file that you can download after payment. This way you can decide whether to print the quiz or to play the quiz completely digital.

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We also have a Dutch version of this quiz.


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