Christmas Quiz | Fun and exciting holiday quiz | 50 questions


It’s that time of the year again. Gather around the fire with friends and family and play our Christmas Quiz to test your knowledge of Christmas.

  • 50 questions about Christmas
  • One-and-a-half hours of fun
  • Includes Powerpoint
  • Picture & Audio rounds
  • Ready to play and available for instant download
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Why the Christmas Quiz?

You have an office Christmas party and you want an exciting and competitive activity to boost the event. You’re having a Christmas dinner and you want to spice things up between the courses. Or you’re sitting at home with friends, family and some drinks and looking for a fun thing to do.

What do you get when you buy our Christmas Quiz?

This Christmas themed quiz consists of 50 questions and 5 rounds. The quiz starts with a Christmas picture round, then two open question rounds, followed by an audio round about Christmas songs. The last round is another open question round. All the questions are linked to the theme of Christmas.

You will get all the questions, answers, picture round and answer forms as pdf-files. Additionally you’ll get the audio round and a powerpoint of the quiz. All files are immediately available for download after payment. You can decide to print them or play the quiz completely digital and online.

What kind of questions can you expect?

All the questions have some link with Christmas. So there are questions about all the different Christmas traditions like trees and their origins. There are also questions about Christmas in popular culture such as movies, tv shows and music.

Other quizzes to consider

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