History Quiz | From antiquity until now | 50 questions


Fun and informative History Quiz which is educational, a bit challenging but most of all a lot of fun to play. You can download the quiz immediately, therefore you can play the quiz when and wherever you want. It provides approximately 1.5 hours of playing pleasure, great to play with friends, family or colleagues. At home, at an event or in the pub. You decide when and where you play.

  • 50 questions
  • One-and-a-half hours of fun
  • One picture round
  • One audio round
  • Ready to play and available for instant download



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Why play our History Quiz?

The History Quiz is educational, teaches you about world history. The quiz is challenging but fun for everybody with an interest in history. The quiz is a good opportunity to show off you knowledge of historical facts and trivia.

What do you get when you buy this quiz?

The History Quiz consists of 50 questions spread over 5 rounds. The first round is a picture round and the fourth round is an audio round. The remaining three rounds consist of open questions. All questions are linked to world history from the earliest day of written history until modern times.

In addition to the questions, you will get the answers and answer forms. All this will be available as pdf file that you can download after payment. This way you can decide whether to print the quiz or to play the quiz completely digital.

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