Baby Shower Quiz | Great activity for a baby shower


Are you looking for a fun activity for a baby shower? Look no further, our Baby Shower Quiz is fun to play for all ages. No need to smell some diapers or things like that. Have fun with your friends and provide the mother-to-be with a great experience!

  • 50 questions
  • One-and-a-half hours of fun
  • One picture round
  • One audio round
  • Includes PowerPoint
  • Ready to play and available for instant download
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Why the Baby Shower Quiz:

Celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new baby with our specially designed Baby Shower Quiz. This quiz is perfect for baby showers, gender reveal parties, or any gathering celebrating the joy of parenthood. It’s not only entertaining but also a great way to learn more about pregnancy, childbirth, and babies in culture and pop culture. It’s fun and interesting for all participants and it is something different than the usual baby shower antics. It’s also easy to play the quiz digitally so you can include those who are unable to join in person! Celebrate motherhood with your friends!

Features of the Quiz:

  • 5 Rounds of Engaging Questions: The quiz is divided into five rounds, each round presenting unique challenges to keep the participants engaged and entertained.
  • Variety of Question Types: The majority of questions are open questions with a wide variety including visual and audio questions, but the quiz also includes some multiple choice questions and has a guessing question to tie break.
  • Picture Rounds: The quiz has a picture round to add a visual element to the activity.
  • Baby Shower Theme: The quiz is themed around babies, covering everything from pregnancy, childbirth, to babies in culture and pop culture.
  • Includes PowerPoint: The quiz comes with a PowerPoint presentation, making it easy to host and present the quiz in a professional manner.

What do you get:

The quiz consists of 50 questions divided over 5 rounds. The first round is a picture round and the fourth round is a music round. The remaining three rounds consist of open questions. All questions are linked to the theme of babies, pregnancy, delivery, and motherhood. In addition to the questions, you will get the answers and answer forms. All this will be available as pdf file that you can download after payment. This way you can decide when and where you want to play the quiz.

  1. A comprehensive list of 50 questions, divided into 5 rounds, including a picture round and music round.
  2. Audio file for the music round
  3. Detailed answers to all the questions for easy scoring.
  4. Printable answer forms
  5. A PowerPoint presentation of the quiz for easy hosting.

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