Pub Quiz | Weekly new quiz | 80 questions | 2.5 hours


Get ready to challenge your knowledge and entertainment skills with our meticulously crafted pub quiz that guarantees an unforgettable night of fun and camaraderie. Whether you are looking for a profit boosting activity in your pub or a great time with friends, our weekly pub quiz is a great deal. Every week we have a new pub quiz. Our pub quiz is available for a set price, no matter how many people play the quiz.

Product Highlights:

  • 80 Brain-Busting Questions: Test your wits with a diverse range of thought-provoking questions that span various categories, ensuring there’s something for everyone.
  • Picture Round: Immerse yourself in visual challenges that will have your team guessing, laughing, and collaborating to identify the answer.
  • Music Round: Let the rhythm of the quiz take over as you groove to the tunes of the music round. Identify songs, artists, and even catch those catchy beats that’ll get everyone’s toes tapping.
  • Interactive Entertainment: Perfect for social gatherings, family nights, or team-building events. Foster friendly competition and lively discussions as teams battle it out for the trivia crown.
  • Comprehensive Answer Key: Put your minds at ease with a detailed answer key that explains the correct responses and adds an educational touch to the fun.
  • Printable and Digital Versions: Choose between a convenient digital download or a printable version for a tactile quiz night experience. Includes a PowerPoint for screen sharing or projections.


Why play our Pub Quiz?

Our Pub Quiz is available at a great price and we have a new one every week. It is a great way to boost your income as a pub owner, provide entertainment for a team event and fun to play with friends and family. Whether you’re a pub quiz pro or a first-timer, our 80-question pub quiz guarantees an evening filled with laughter, strategic thinking, and a touch of friendly rivalry. With its dynamic mix of questions, picture rounds, and a music challenge, our pub quiz is the recipe for an engaging and memorable gathering.

What do you get when you buy our Pub Quiz?

The Pub Quiz consists of 80 questions spread over 8 rounds. The first round is a picture round and the sixth round is a music round. The other six rounds consist of open questions. The quiz is a mix of all kind of trivia, expect questions about sports, news, history, geography, movies, music, art and much more.

In addition to the questions, you will get the answers and answer forms. All this will be available as pdf file that you can download after payment. This way you can decide whether to print the quiz or to play the quiz completely digital.

Also looking for something else?

We also have shorter 5-rounds themed quizzes on a range of topics. For example, try our Beer Quiz if you’re into beer or our Football Quiz if you’re into sports. Are you feeling nostalgic? Then try our 80s Quiz. Didn’t find what you want, then contact us for a custom quiz.


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