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Why a Q2 pub quiz?

With Q2, we want to give you as much quiz fun as possible. That means we take the worry and organization out of your hands as much as possible, by offering ready-made quizzes. These pub quizzes can be customized, please indicate in your order which topics you are specifically interested in. We do our work with care, which results in unique pub quizzes, a guarantee of several hours of competition, enthusiasm, frustration, eureka moments and, above all, lots of fun.

Want a pub quiz with varied questions, covering different topics and with a new version created each week? Try it now with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, not good, money back. No difficult subscriptions needed, get the quiz when you need it. All this for as little as €24.99. So don’t hesitate and order now!

Can I also order a physical quiz?

No. All of our quizzes are digital to minimize environmental impact. This way, no trees have to be cut down and there is no CO2 emission to bring the quiz to you. It also allows us to keep our prices as low as possible. All this means for you, the consumer, high-quality quizzes at the best prices without unnecessary impact on the environment. If you do want the quiz physically, you can always decide to print the files yourself.

Can I also get a customized quiz?

Yes indeed! If you’re looking for something different for a staff party or outing, consider a quiz. Want to show a bachelor that they are not as omniscient as they always claim? Test their knowledge with a quiz. Looking for entertainment for a family gathering, a weekend with friends, a party or any other occasion? Then choose our quiz to make it fun and active. We customize our quizzes to be fun for desired ages. Furthermore, you can choose which topics you want in the quiz and how difficult the questions can be. Contact us now to order a customized quiz. At Q2, we try to make every occasion a celebration.

Payment options

In our webshop you can pay with Ideal, Paypal, Bancontact and credit card. This way you can pay securely in your preferred way.


When will I get my quiz?

You can download the quiz immediately after payment. So you can play the quiz right away, wherever and whenever it is convenient for you. You will find the link to the files in your confirmation email.

Content quizzes and games

What kind of quizzes do you have?

We have three different types of quizzes. A weekly pub quiz of 80 questions for about 2.5 hours of quiz fun. In addition, we have more than 30 themed quizzes with 50 questions that last about an hour and a half. We also have multiple-choice quizzes that you can play via an app such as Kahoot, if necessary.

Who are the quizzes for?

Our quizzes are for everyone. For the youngest we have a children’s quiz, the annual quizzes such as the 2021 quiz are good for anyone who has followed the news a little, and the themed quizzes are fun for anyone who has something to do with the theme. The weekly pub quiz is all about general knowledge and is fun for all adults.

What kind of questions can I expect?

Most quizzes have a picture round and audio round the rest of the questions are open-ended. In theme quizzes, all questions are linked to the theme of the quiz. The pub quiz consists of general knowledge questions that are different each week. The quiz description provides more information about the types of questions and the different rounds.

What to expect from our pub quiz?

Our standard pub quiz consists of 80 questions divided into eight rounds of ten questions. The quiz begins with an image round, this round always has a particular theme to which all the images are linked. This is followed by four rounds of general open-ended questions. Questions are general knowledge and current events, topics include sports, science, art, geography, history, music, film and television. This is followed by a music round, which is again a thematic round with songs related to one theme. Then there are two more rounds of general open-ended questions. The total package includes the questions, answers, picture rounds, music round answer sheets and score forms.

How many participants can participate?

The number of participants in our quizzes is unlimited. With us, you pay one price for the quiz regardless of the number of participants. How you organize the quiz is up to you, we just make it easy and affordable for everyone.

How do I play the quiz online?

Each quiz comes with a powerpoint so the quiz is easy to play online. Read our article on online quizzes for more information.